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We are expanding horizons

We're a Data and AI-focused Consultancy, dedicated to empowering individual talents. Our collaborative environment ensures knowledge-sharing across teams, whether you're an employee or freelancer, everyone is a valued part of our community.

Connecting people through innovation

Committed to ensuring an excellent hiring experience for every talent! Our process stands out for its speed and efficiency, with time to hire as our top differentiator. We consistently recognize and value individuals as top talents!



7 Years of successful experience



Embracing diversity as a team cornerstone



Achieving success across work settings

As a forward-thinking Belgian AI and Data company with lofty aspirations, we're on the lookout for individuals like you to help us reach new heights!
Expanding horizons, connecting people through innovation!
Why join us?Join us to unleash your potential
Join our team, unlock your potential in a skills-driven atmosphere, where your abilities play a vital role in our collective success.Learn about us

1. Unleash Your Potential

We’re Seeking individuals, both employees and freelancers, with the talent to redefine possibilities.

2. Skills-Oriented Approach

Our hiring process values and nurtures your skills, making you a driving force in the team.

3. Entrepreneurship

We foster a spirit of entrepreneurship.


Digital, Remote, People and Skills. We prioritize people and skills, improving HR processes for all.

5. Lead Innovation

We use science and technology for efficient HR solutions.

6. Thrive with Us

We foster an environment where your talents actively contribute to our success.

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You're a valued member of our team that thrives on individual talents.


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We prioritize your financial satisfaction with a focus on net salary compensation. Your hard work deserves to be rewarded in its true value!

Flex office in GhentJoin a workplace that adapts to you! Our office offers a dynamic environment where flexibility meets innovation. Work in a modern setting, collaborate with top talents, and enjoy the vibrant city life just outside your door. Elevate your career - explore opportunities today!
Tempelhof 50 9000 Ghent
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Ping-pong table connects freelancers with the best opportunities!

Creating a dynamic community that connects freelancers with exciting opportunities in the world of Data and AI. If you're a freelancer looking to make your mark in these cutting-edge fields, here's why is your perfect partner:


Internal Knowhow

Building our own product using the latest developments within Data & AI. So, rest assured, we know what we’re talking about!

Diverse and Exciting Projects

Entrepreneurial Spirit Rewarded

Autonomy Meets Collaboration

Flexibility at its Finest

Watch how we're changing lives!


“If you're working for, you're working with people who are also interested in what you're doing! You're not a number! And I think that's the most important thing!”

Andy AelbrechtSenior IT Consultant
🇧🇪 Timen Celis - Platform Scientist


We're looking for talented people!

We prioritize flexibility! Customize your workspace and salary package to fit your preferences. From choosing a higher gross wage to opting for a company laptop or using your own, we empower you to create the perfect package for your needs.'s culture is all about expanding horizons and connecting people through innovation.

Expanding horizons, connecting people through innovation!


Open positions

Join and unlock a world of enticing benefits tailored to your needs and ambitions!

IT & Data

Databricks Specialist / Technical Lead

Ben jij een technische expert met een ondernemersgeest? Klaar om een team vanaf nul op te bouwen en de leiding te nemen? Dan zoeken wij jou! Wat ga je doen? Team opbouwen: Leid en mentor een hooggekwalificeerd Databricks-team. Consultancy: Adviseer klanten, ontwikkel Databricks-oplossingen en los complexe problemen op. Innovatie: Blijf op de hoogte van de nieuwste trends in Databricks en data-analyse. Ben jij de Databricks Specialist die wij zoeken? 🌟 Solliciteer nu! 💼

Flemish Region

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