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What is the analytics maturity model and how can it benefit your data strategy?

The last eighteen months have seen a major shift in perceptions of how important data is to all sorts of organizations. Now that data has become a recognized resource, a similar storyline is developing in analytics. This makes sense. After all, if data is the “what” then analytics is the “why”. Data is nothing without the analytics to create the insight and generate benefits.

Benefits of predictive analytics for businesses

Predictive analytics' ability to forecast the future based on patterns in past data can give businesses a huge edge. Read about how to use this advanced form of business analytics.


7 Must-Have Skills to Get a Job as a Data Scientist

Everybody and their mother wants to learn data science. And there’s no reason not to – the job you do is interesting 95% of the time, the salaries are excellent, and you can most likely get the job done from the comfort of your bed. Today we’ll go over seven essential skills every data scientist should have. Here’s the complete list:

The 4 most important considerations for effective Azure Governance

It remains critical to have the right governance framework and processes in place to get the maximum value from the Microsoft Azure Cloud and make the environment more robust, secure, efficient and effective. Businesses IT need to ensure that data and systems are adequately protected while being able to quickly meet the needs of customers (internal and external).

Making hybrid work environments safe!
  • The COVID -19 pandemic triggered an unprecedented shift in the way people work. Although most companies initially relied on a remote-only working model, the introduction of the vaccine has led to the popularisation of hybrid work environments.
10 Key AI & Data Analytics Trends for 2022 and Beyond

The global pandemic has transformed the way we transact. With much of the world moving online, e-commerce, cloud computing, and enhanced cyber security measures are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to assessing current trends in data analysis.

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Top 7 Skills to Get Hired in Data Science in 2022

It’s hard to get hired in data science. Chances are you’ll never see an ad like “50 data scientists wanted for a 3-year-long project.” Something you’re more likely to see in, let’s say, Java development. Smaller companies usually don’t need entire departments, so they end up hiring a couple of seniors. And big companies will likely filter you out due to a lack of experience.